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Policies and Procedures

Welcome to The Student Shuttle!


The purpose of this handbook is to outline the policies and procedures under which we operate. The goal of The Student Shuttle is to provide door to door transportation service for students to/from all public and private schools located throughout the DMV! 


Why Your Children Need Transportation Services?

  • If you need more time to juggle work and family schedules

  • If your child misses the school bus

  • If bad weather prevents your child from walking to/from school

  • If you experience car trouble or an emergency and can’t pick up in time

  • If you are late to work because of dropping off or picking up kids at school/activities

  • If your child gets sick and needs to leave school early

  • If your child attends a private or magnet school program

  • If your carpool is not reliable

  • If you can’t get home from work in time to take the kids to practice


Our shuttle service is designed to provide a safe, reliable, and affordable means of transportation to anywhere your child needs to be! 

We strive to meet the needs of parents and become a valuable resource in their community.  We are always open to suggestions and feel communication is an essential part of this ministry.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family through this ministry!


The Student Shuttle is dedicated to making your life easier.  Each driver, parent and student associated with our transportation services all share responsibility for safety, following all rules, and behaving in a responsible manner is a requirement, while using our services is a privilege. This contract is designed to ensure that all individuals are in agreement about what is to be expected when The Student Shuttle service is rendered.



·        Students are expected to arrive at the shuttle stop 10 minutes before the scheduled shuttle arrival time.  A parent or guardian is advised to wait with the student(s) until the shuttle arrives.


  • It is not the responsibility of the shuttle driver to wait for the student(s) to arrive at shuttle stop.  If student(s) are not present at shuttle stop, when shuttle arrives a 2 minute grace period will be allotted until the driver will proceed to the next assigned stop.  If student(s) miss their shuttle service for whatever reason, it will be the parent or guardian’s responsibility to transport student to desired location.


·        The driver will not wait at any stop for parent or guardian to pick up their student(s); this is consistent with the Board of Education transportation policy. 


  • If for any reason the shuttle is unable to make its route The Student Shuttle service will secure a replacement driver or vehicle and shuttle services will resume.   If no alternative is available, shuttle service may cancel its transportation service entirely on a given day, in which case it is the parent’s responsibility to transport their student(s).


  • Parents must submit or request permission in advance (preferably 24 hours) for a student to go home on an alternate van route, or to get dropped off at a different van stop. This request is subject to space availability.



The standards set by Prince George’s County Public Schools will be in effect when using The Student Shuttle. To view the Codes of Conduct please visit 




  • Passengers will not be allowed to board or depart from the vehicle until the vehicle has come to a full stop and the driver has opened the door.

  • Take your seat promptly and remain seated for your ride.

  • Sit in the seat facing front.

  • Seat belts are to be worn at all times. Absolutely NO STANDING allowed when the shuttle is in motion.

  • Your conversations should be low and your conduct orderly so the driver is never distracted from the important job of driving.

  • Absolutely NO smoking.

  • Absolutely no eating food, candy, gum or any drink expect bottled water.

  • NO FIGHTING, BULLYING, ARGUING or PHYSICAL CONTACT with the driver and/or other passengers.

  • Do not throw paper or trash on the floor or any objects out of the window.

  • Do not damage or trash the van. (We reserve the right to hold the parents or guardian of any student responsible for any vandalism).

  • Cell phones are permitted as long as it is not disturbing to the driver. NOTE: Parents, have your children turn down the volume on their ring tones.

  • Listening and obeying the driver during pick up, transport, and delivery is a MUST. If necessary, the driver may assign seats.

  • Inappropriate behavior on the part of the child or the parent will not be tolerated. (We reserve the right to terminate shuttle rides for disruptive & unruly children).

  • We are not liable for passengers' items left on our shuttles.


Driver Waiting

Additional charges will be added, if the driver is required to wait for passengers. Please make sure all passengers are ready to board upon arrival.


Driver Entering Facility to pick up child

Entering a facility to pick up a child is only feasible on very rare occasions and only if the child is in need of physical assistance. Because of the volume of children that are shuttled every day, drivers are not permitted to leave the shuttle unattended, by more than 5-10 feet, when children are on board the shuttle.


Sick Child Pick Up

For current registered customers, we offer an on-call service to pick up your sick child from school or daycare, and deliver them to the place of your choice. To sign up for this service, you must have all paperwork completed and on file with us. You must also have our information on file with your child’s school and listed as an approved entity capable of picking up your child. The minimum charge for this service is $30. CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.



  • Use appropriate language if you need to discuss concerns with the driver.


  • NO SMOKING near the shuttle!


  • NEVER approach another person’s child! Please report any and all issues to the driver or Transportation Director.


  • Refrain from approaching van drivers with complaints, threats, or other negative situations. Complaints should be made to the Transportation Director. Failure to adhere to this policy could cause the affected student to lose shuttle privileges.



Students are expected to heed the driver’s warnings, directions and authority. If the rules are not followed the student may have a conduct report written up by the driver. The 1st write up will be sent home with the student to be read and discussed with their parent/guardian then signed by both and returned to the driver. The 2nd is the same process plus a call home by the driver. The 3rd is a call home by the Transportation Director and a 2 to 5 day suspension off the van. The 4th is a phone call from the Transportation Director and removal from the van services for the rest of the school year. Remember that the rules are for safety, and the safety of all students will come first! 



The Student Shuttle will follow the delays and closings procedures of the schools in which service is provided. 

In the event of a One (1) hour delay opening – the van will run one hour later than normal.  Two (2) hour delay, the van will run two hours later than normal. (For example:  If your van time is 7:00am and it is a two hour delay, your new van time would be 9:00am).



Unauthorized riders are not permitted on the van.



Please initial below to note that you have read and agree with the shuttle policy and procedures. If you should have any questions regarding this contract, please consult the Transportation Director. 


 ___________I have read and understand the parent/student van behavior contract.

If I choose not to follow this contract, I understand the following consequences may occur, or in the event of a serious offense may be suspended from the shuttle immediately:

  • My parent(s)/guardian will be notified by The Student Shuttle service staff and I will be warned about the consequences of not following the shuttle rules. I understand that other disciplinary measures may be taken if I violate the shuttle rules or the codes of conduct.

  • The Student Shuttle service staff will notify my parent(s)/guardian and I may lose all shuttle privileges for 2 to 5 days.

  • Severe cases: students may be suspended immediately from the shuttle for severe infractions for a period of time to be determined by The Student Shuttle. A serious infraction, such as a weapon, drug or physical violence, may result in shuttle privileges being suspended immediately.


Note: I know and understand, if shuttle privileges are suspended, I must arrange my own transportation.   Additional referrals (regarding behavior on the shuttle) may result in permanent removal from shuttle.

  • We do not prorate transportation services for students.  Whether you use our service 1 day per week or 5 days per week you must pay for the full week of service.  Example:  School is open Monday-Wednesday but closed Thursday-Friday.  You are responsible for the entire week of service. 

  • All payments are due every week.  Including holidays and days off for the entire length of this contract. 




Please print legibly. Signatures indicate that you have received a copy of the behavior/safety contract and discussed, understand, and agree to the above statements.


To sign and complete registration, please fill out our online form here.

Shuttle Testimonial

Kudos to the Student Shuttle for transporting my son to school each morning @ 7:30am. Due to my new work schedule I needed someone reliable to be sure he get’s to school each day since he attends a private school. I received a post card about the Student Shuttle and decided to give them a try. I am so glad that I did. The driver always arrives early, is friendly and takes exceptional care in getting my son to school on time!

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